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A great site I found for Resume writing and tips


Almost daily we are asked by someone about their Resume, it’s appearance, content and effectiveness.  Most everyone is concerned with these items.  And for good reason!

The old saying goes that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  How true.  A Resume and Cover Letter is many times the first impression a prospective employer sees of you.  And….prospective employers get a lot of Resumes so it’s very important to make an impact from the get-go, keep their attention, perk their interest.

Of course everyone has their preferences in Resume style, what they like to see and don’t like to see on a Resume.  Since all people are different (the present count of earth’s inhabitants is in the 7 billion range) you’ll never please everyone….but following some good general guidelines keeps you in the game.

In my experience in Recruiting I have found that most of the time the simplest, most straightforward, easy to read and easy to find “keywords” about someone’s experience do the best.  Resumes that are too fancy don’t make the stellar first impression that the candidate is hoping for.  Why?  I don’t exactly know.  They just don’t.

Another key issue is how many Resume to have.  You can have one master Resume and tailor it to a specific job you are applying for.  You MUST be certain that your Resume indicates that you have the specific experience to do a specific job.  A “generic” Resume might be good for one job out of 10.  For the other 9, you need to check the wording on the Resume to ensure that the prospective employer gets targeted on your specific experience for the specific job duties.  The wording must match or come very close to it.

Now about the great site I found.  This site gives many tips, templates, hints, formats, etc.  The price is right…free…but the content is of great value.  There’s a lot there to digest.  Set at least an hour aside to check it out.  Remember…you’re working on your “first impression” tool, so plan to put in the preparation time.

This site also has a section on interviewing.  Well worth digging into.

Here’s a link to the site:

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