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Develop a 30 Second “Elevator Pitch”


The Elevator Pitch

Are you familiar with that term?  Do you have one of these?  An elevator pitch is a presentation of YOU that you could give on an elevator traveling a couple floors.

You should have one.  It introduces you, your experience, aspirations, assets, and more to someone in short order to know about you.  30 seconds doesn’t sound like much — but to a prospective employer or interviewer with a lot on his/her mind or anyone else it can be the limit of making that good 1st impression.

When you or I first start talking to people they are focused  on us for a short time before other things return to their mind.  To score and keep their attention you need an  “elevator pitch”!

An elevator pitch is ESSENTIAL when you’re looking for a job.  You need one when you talk with Recruiters too.  Really.  Recruiters’ thoughts are all over the board and you need to get their focus harnessed on you quickly.

Are you single looking for a soul-mate or spouse?  You need an elevator pitch for that too…but that’s a different story.  🙂

Here is a very good article from The Ladders posted by Amanda Augustine on “How to Pitch Your Value; Dissecting the Elevator Pitch.  Believe me, you need this and might know many other people who need to read it too.  Getting an interview or a good job might depend on this first 30 second delivery

Click here:

Write your delivery, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

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