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Your References — They’re Important


References are important.  There are different types. You need to know these types and how to have them work in your favor.  Employers are interested in reference information from people:
•  to whom you have reported
•  who have reported to you
•  peers
•  who can address your character and traits.

Character is important.  The answers to most questions asked of your references will address your character traits, directly or indirectly.  Composing a Resume’ is relatively easy compared to crafting a character.  That takes a lifetime.  Employers know that.  You know it too.

Many times over the years our client employers have hired someone based on their character traits more than the depth of their experience.  The hiring employers learn about the strength of those traits from…you guessed it…the references.  Choose them wisely.  They can make or break an offer of employment.  We could write many stories of how references have cemented a job offer or unknowingly and innocently crashed one.

You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression.  And so it goes with references.  The very first thing they say when contacted will set the backdrop for a great , or good, or mediocre impression of YOU.  You want good ambassadors to represent you.  They’re belief in you is all so important.

The link below gives an excellent overview and specific advice on references.  In the article you will also see more links (look for the words in blue…they are links to more good information.

This article appeared at The Ladders employment site.  The author is Mary Gay Townsend, Managing Director of Managed Services for OneWire.  Several of the links show statistical information and very good input from other authors, all leaders in the field of employment.

Here’s the link…just click on it:

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