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17 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview


Yes….Phone interviews are very important.  They are the door you walk through to get to the next step.  Success on the phone interview is paramount.  There is no such thing as a courtesy phone interview.  It’s make or break.

Time to be at your best.  It’s OK to be nervous.  Most employers are nervous too in phone or face-to-face interview sessions. Interviews cause anxiety.

The key: BE PREPARED and be the best you that you can be for the session that could usually last from 30-90 minutes.

At J.D. Cotter Search we put as much time in coaching for phone interviews as on face-to-face ones.  Actually the phone interview could be more important that the phone one!  It’s a lot easier to get your points across can converse in person than on the phone.

Click (or Copy/paste into your internet browser) the link below for some very good information from Andrew G. Rosen titled “17 Tips to Ace Your Next Phone Interview.”  Print it out and keep it with you.  Study it over lunch.  You’ll be prepared.

We wish you the best success on all your interviews!  They are the precursor to the purpose of them….OFFERS!

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