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Our good affiliate friends, David Manns, and his team are expert Resume composers.   A great Resume is worth its weight in gold, but he is more economical than that!  1-on-1 consultation ensures a great result.  Guaranteed satisfaction. 

Read here about his company’s Resume services — you won’t be disappointed:

Resume Writing

A professionally prepared resume always stands to get more attention.

David’s team of senior level recruiters write your resume after getting to know you first through a one-on-one consultation.

They’re adept in positioning information on resumes to help bring out the best in candidates for achieving their career potential.

Improvements to resumes are endless, but always include a properly written concise Summary, positioning that is clear and articulates how you wish to be perceived entailing relevant keywords, technical skills, accomplishments, products/services and industries that hits your Highest Points of Contribution.… clear about your career aspirations.  Guaranteed Satisfaction

Professionally prepared Resume rewrite runs $299 for majority of individuals.

Resumes for non-degreed students, or Entry level experience runs $99.

Redesigns or Layout improvements using existing sentence or bullets runs $159.

Hiring managers spend just seconds reviewing a resume before screening out a candidate which makes it imperative to convey the best and succinct information.

  • Cover Letters run $39 with purchase of Resume
  • LinkedIn profile writing runs $69 with purchase of Resume
  • Recruiter Consultation for Career advice runs $1 per minute
    • 100% Objective & Confidential
    • Provides specific action items
    • Advice and insight you won’t find anywhere else

Credit card payment accepted… to get started, email your current resume to  Add a note that J.D. Cotter referred you.  We don’t get any remuneration for it.  It will let David know that you are on our A-List.










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